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Bedekar, Vishram (b. 1906)

Marathi and Hindi director, best known as a writer, born in Amravati, Eastern Maharashtra. Started with Sangeet Natak company Balwant Sangeet Mandali as playwright-lyricist. Moved to film-making when the theatre group expanded its box-office draw by producing Krishnarjun Yuddha, starring the group’s writer-actor Chintamanrao Kolhatkar. Unlike other films produced by Sangeet Natak? companies (e.g. Lalitkaladarsh), the film succeeded commercially and he co-directed three more with the group’s owner-producer Vamanrao N. Bhatt. Scripted the mythological Pundalik (1936) and, according to his autobiography, co-d the film with V.N. Bhatt. Briefly studied film-making in the UK (1938); published his first novel, Ranangan (1938), on his return. Joined Prabhat? briefly to write Shantaram?’s Shejari/Padosi? (1941), returning to the studio to script Ramshastri? (1944, a re-edited version of which, credited to him, was later released as a children’s film entitled Ramshastri Ka Nyay) and to direct Guru Dut?t’s début, Lakhran?i. Made classic melodramas for Baburao Pendharkar’s New Huns, Baburao Pai?’s Famous Pics and Minerva Movietone. Wrote Shantaram’s Amar Bhoopali (1951). Directed some of the Ramsay Brothers?’ early productions (Rustom Sohrab, Ek Nannhi Munni Ladki Thi). Works in modernist frame defined by K. Narayan Kale?’s generation and G.B. Shaw; most of his literary and filmic work recasts stereotypes of pre-WW1 Marathi social reform novels into the declamatory style of prose melodrama with increasingly complex storylines. As playwright, works include Brahmakumari, Vaje Paool Apule and Tilak Ani Agarkar (1980). Also scripted his films. Published autobiography, Ek Jhaad Ani Don Pakshi (1985).

FILMOGRAPHY: 1934: Krishnarjun Yuddha; 1935: Satteche Prayog; Thakicha Lagna; 1936: Pundalik; Andheri Duniya; 1938: Lakshmiche Khel; 1942: Pahila Palna; 1943: Paisa Bolto Aahe/Nagad? Narayan; 1945: Lakhrani; 1947: Chul Ani Mul; 1948: Mera Munna; 1950: Krantiveer Vasudev Balwant; 1951: Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Doc); Bhola Shankar; 1956: Ramshastri Ka Nyay; 1957: Talash; 1961: Do Bhai; 1963: Vinobha Bhave: The Man (Doc); Rustom Sohrab; 1964: All God’s Children (Doc); 1968: At the Service of Small Industries (Doc); 1970: Ek Nannhi Munni Ladki Thi; 1971: Jai Jawan Jai Makan; 1972: Bharat Ke Shaheed.