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Rustom Sohrab

1963 ?’ b&w Hindi-Urdu d Vishram Bedekar pc Ramsay Prod. s Kumar Ramsay co-dial Iqbal Nadeem, Masood Mashedi, Jagdish Gautam, Sardar Illham co-dial/lyr Qamar Jalalabadi co-lyr Jan Nissar Akhtar c Nariman Irani m Sayed Hussain lp Prithviraj Kapoor, Suraiya, Premnath, Mumtaz, Sajjan, Shah Agha, Marilyn

Kumar Ramsay, a member of the family best known for their horror films, scripted this version of the classic Persian legend drawn from the 10th C. Shahnama which was a staple item in the Parsee theatre. Rustom (Kapoor in a role reminiscent of his performance in Mughal-e-Azam, 1960) is the king of Persia whose wife Tehmina (Suraiya) bears him a son while he is away fighting wars. The son Sohrab (Premnath) grows into a powerful warrior and ends up challenging his father. Unaware of each other’s identity, they confront each other on the battlefield where, in true feudal tradition, Rustom triumphs over his son.


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