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1971 162’ b&w Malayalam d/lyr P. Bhaskaran pc Rajshri Prod. s Uroob m Raghunath lp Sheela, Madhu, Nellikode Bhaskaran, Shankaradi, Bahadur, Vidhubala

Convoluted drama adapting a famous Uroob novel. The Muslim girl Ummachu (Sheela in a major role) has two suitors, Mayan (Madhu) and Beeran (Bhaskaran). She marries the rich Beeran, who ill-treats her. In retaliation Mayan kills Beeran and marries Ummachu, even as an innocent man is arrested for the crime. Many years later the truth comes out, after which Mayan commits suicide and his son by Ummachu marries the daughter of the man accused of Mayan’s crime.


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