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Oru Veedu Oru Ulagam

1978 130’ b&w Tamil d/sc Durai pc Movie Int. dial ‘Vietnam Veedu’ Sundaram st Lalitha lyr Vali, Alangudi Somu, Pulamai Pithan m M.S. Vishwanathan lp Srikanth, Major Sundararajan, Delhi Ganesh, Surulirajan, Shobha, Pandharibai, Manorama

Melodrama about the travails of a daughter, Gowri (Shobha), of a piously Brahmin household. She has to overcome considerable parental resistance to be allowed access to higher education. She falls in love with A.R.K., a lecturer, then she marries the man’s son, Murali. When her husband is accidentally drowned, her parents insist on her leading the austere and repressed life of a widow. Thankfully, A.R.K. intervenes and manages to get his daughter-in-law remarried.


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