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Nandlal Jaswantlal (1906-61)

Hindi director born in Bardoli, Surat. Son of Jaswantlal Mehta, administrative officer at Kohinoor. Started career as Kohinoor Studio employee (1924). Assisted Chandulal Shah (1926-9) and directed films for Ranjit Studio (1929-33). Silent star scenarist Mohanlal Dave apparently joined Ranjit solely to be able to work with Jaswantlal. Left to make a tour of Europe (1934); then joined Imperial (1934-6) where he directed Sulochana in several remakes of her own [[|R.S. Choudhury]] and Bhavnani silent hits. Worked briefly in Madras running a film laboratory (1937), then returned to direction. Silent work influenced by Gandhian nationalism. Best known for his later Filmistan musicals: Anarkali (with Bina Rai and music by C. Ramchandra) and Nagin (with Vyjayanthimala), one of the biggest post-Independence musical hits. Admired for his sophisticated lighting (with cameraman Pandurang Naik). Used extreme close-ups and unusual angles creating disjointed but dramatic and sensual spaces (e.g. the beginning of Anarkali). Last film Akeli Mat Jaiyo was completed by Chandulal Shah. Apparently filmed many of the famous song sequences of M. Sadiq’s musical Taj Mahal (1963).

FILMOGRAPHY: 1929: Jawani Diwani; Pardesi Saiyan; 1930: Pahadi Kanya; 1931: Premi Jogan; Ghunghatwali (all St); 1933: Pardesi Preetam; 1934: Indira MA; Kashmeera; 1935: Pujarini; 1936: Bambai Ki Billi; Jungle Queen; 1939: Jeevan Saathi; 1941: Kamadhenu; 1943: Pratigya; 1944: Kadambari; 1945: Amrapali; 1947: Sati Toral; Veerangana; 1951: Sanam; 1953: Anarkali; 1954: Nagin; 1956: Taj; 1957: Champakali; 1963: Akeli Mat Jaiyo.


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