wiki:Moti Gidwani

Moti B. Gidwani, (1905)

Hindi director born in Karachi. Studied filmmaking in Britain (1926-7) and returned to make his first feature, which failed and helped close down Maharashtra Film. Went on to direct for Imperial and Sagar and made a name as a ‘ safe’ freelance director. Evidence suggests he co-operated with Irani? on making of ppAlam Ara[[ (1931). Major successes in collaboration with ppDalsukh Pancholi[[: the Punjabi film Yamla Jat, the musical thriller Khazanchi that lifted Lahore’s local film industry into national prominence, and Zamindar?. His Kisan Kanya was India’s first colour production using Cinecolour process (Sairandhri, 1933, was processed in Germany).

FILMOGRAPHY: 1929: Nisha Sundari; 1930: Josh-e-Jawani; Veer Na Ver; Dav Pech; 1931: Gulam (all St); Anangsena; 1932: Niti Vijay; 1933: Daku Ki Ladki; Insaan Ya Shaitan; 1934: Manjari; Noor Mahal; 1936: Gulam Daku; 1937: Kisan Kanya; Do Auratein; 1940: Yamla Jat; 1941: Khazanchi; 1942: Zamindar; 1945: Kaise Kahun; 1946: Khamosh Nigahen.


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