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Fankdo Fituri

aka Handsome Blackguard 1925 St 16400 ft b&w d Homi Master pc Kohinoor Film st Pijam sc Mohanlal G. Dave c D.D. Dabke, Gajanan S. Devare

p Homi Master, K.B. Athavale, Miss Moti, Behram Vasania, Fram Sethna, Yakbal, Thelma Wallace, Yvonne Wallace Based on a popular novel by Pijam (aka P.]. Marzban), editor of the newspaper jam-e- jamshed and playwright. Released as a two- pan serial, the adverts sununarised the story as: 'A charming heiress, a good-looking but villainous doctor, a timid lover, a crafty detective, a singing girl, a Nawab in his dotage and a dancing woman from the gutter. A photodrama that rings with love, hate, villainy, and fidelity'; 'The magnificent Parsec-Hindu- Muslim screen romance, from the extremely popular and sensational novel, [a] fascinating and thrilling story of social life of today, starring the beautiful and emotional artists Miss Thelma Wallace and Miss Yvonne Wallace'. It helped consolidate its maker and lead actor, Homi Master, playing Yakub the detective, as the top-selling film-maker at Kohinoor. Athavale played the eponymous handsome blackguard.


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