1943: Key Events

  • The Bengal famine (1943-4), a direct consequence of war profiteering and speculation, leaves five million dead.
  • Subhash Chandra Bose arrives in Singapore by submarine from Kiel and becomes Supreme Commander of the Indian National Army. He proclaims a ‘Provisional Government of Azad Hind’ (Free India). His government in exile is immediately recognised by Germany and Japan.
  • The Muslim League amends the ‘Quit India’ resolution to ‘Divide And Quit’.
  • The Calcutta Group of painters, including Gopal Ghosh, Prodosh Dasgupta and Nirode Majumdar, has its first show.
  • Kismet, one of the biggest hits in Indian film history, is released.
  • the Defence of India Act is amended to force all distributors to pay for and to show the Indian News Parade.
  • K. Ramnoth? starts the Cine Technicians Association of South India.
  • Court Dancer, the English version of Raj Nartaki, is released in the USA in a few provincial theatres.
  • Kalish Mukhopadhyay starts the seminal Bengali film monthly Rupamancha, with extensive film and performing arts reviews, committed to film education and to the reorganisation of the industry.
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