1898: Key Events

  • The first gramophone record is released by Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd., Belgatchia.
  • Bhai Vir Singh’s Punjabi novel, Sundri is published.
  • Two Italians, Colorello and Cornaglia, organise film shows in tents at the Azad Maidan, Bombay and J.F.Madan’s tent cinema at the Calcutta Maidan


  • Amritlal Bose screens a package of ‘actualities’ and ‘fakes’ at the Star Theatre, Calcutta, with plays and variety entertainments.
  • The multinational Warwick Trading Co. commissions Panorama of Calcutta newsreel. Other films include Poona Races and Train Arriving at the Churchgate Station (by Andersonoscopograph).

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