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Chaitrada Premanjali

1992 159’ col/scope Kannada d/s S. Narayan pc M.C. Prod p M. Shashikala c P.K.H. Das lyr/m Hamsalekha lp Raghuveer, Shweta, Lokesh, Srinivasa Murthy, Rajanand, Satyajit, Abhijeet, Swastik Shankar, Shobharaj, Jyothi, S. Narayan, Ashalata

‘Fresh faces’ romance with a tragic end. Karate champion Prem (Raghuveer) goes to the family country retreat to practice for a tournament and falls for village girl Anju (Shweta). Her father (Lokesh), however, prevents the marriage and tries to force her to marry a womaniser with an obliging father. Prem wins his trophy and rescues Anju, but the couple are killed by the bad guys.


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