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Aparna Sen Aparna Sen (née Dasgupta) (Bengali: অপর্ণা সেন Ôporna Shen; born 25 October 1945) is a critically acclaimed Bengali Indian filmmaker, script writer, and actress. She is the winner of three National Film Awards and eight international film festival awards.Aparna Sen was born in Calcutta to a Bengali family, originally from East Bengal (now Bangladesh). Her father is the veteran critic and film-maker Chidananda Dasgupta. Her mother Supriya Dasgupta is the cousin of renowned Bengali poet Jibanananda Das. She spent her childhood in Hazaribagh and Kolkata and had her schooling initially in South Point and later mostly in Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata. She studied her B.A. English honors in Presidency College.. She met the Magnum photographer, Brian Brake, in Kolkata in 1961 when he was visiting India to photograph his Monsoon series. Brake used Sen as the model for what was to become one of his most well known photographs — a shot of a girl holding her face to the first drops of monsoon rain. The photo shoot was set up on a Kolkata rooftop with a ladder and a watering can. Sen described the shoot: He took me up to the terrace, had me wear a red sari in the way a village girl does, and asked me to wear a green stud in my nose. To be helpful, I said let me wear a red one to match, and he said no — he was so decisive, rather brusque — I think a green one. It was stuck to my nose with glue, because my nose wasn't pierced. Someone had a large watering can, and they poured water over me. It was really a very simple affair. It took maybe half an hour.[1]

Filmography Actress Year Film Role Other notes 1955 Mejo Bou 1961 Teen Kanya Mrinmoyee "Samapti" segment 1965 Akash Kusum Monica 1968 Hangsa-Mithun 1969 Vishwas The Guru Ghazala Aparachita Sunita 1970 Baksa Badal Minu Aranyer Din Ratri Hari's former lover Kalankita Nayak Bombay Talkie Mala 1971 Khunjey Berai "Jay Jayanti Jayanti 1973 Sonar Khancha Kaya Hiner Kahini Basanata Bilap Rater Rajanigandha 1974 Jadu Bansha Asati Alor Thikana Sagina Secretary Vishaka Devi 1975 Chhutir Phande Raag Anurag Nishimrigaya 1976 Jana Aranya Somnath's ex-girlfriend Ajasra Dhanyabad Nidhiram Sardar 1977 Immaan Dharam Shyamlee Kotwal Saab Proxy 1979 Naukadubi Kamala 1981 Thee,Tamil starring Rajinikanth & Suman remake of Deewar Anita 1982 Amrita Kumbher Sandhane 1983 Bishabriksha Suryamukhi Abhinoy Noy Arpita Indira Indira 1984 Paroma Sheela 1985 Neelkantha 1986 Shyam Saheb 1987 Debika 1989 Kari Diye Kinlam Ek Din Achanak Professor's student Jar Jey Priyo 1992 Shet Patharer Thala Bandana Mahaprithivi Daughter-in-Law 1994 Unishe April Sarojini Amodini 2000 Paromitar Ek Din Sanaka Ghaath Suman Pandey 2002 Titli Urmila 2009 Antaheen Paromita 2011 Iti Mrinalini Old Mrinalini

Writer and director Year Film Notes 1981 36 Chowringhee Lane Won, National Film Award for Best Direction Won, National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English 1984 Paroma Won, National Film Awards 1986 1989 Sati 1995 Yugant Won, National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali 2000 Paromitar Ek Din Won, National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Iyer Won, National Film Award for Best Direction Won, Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration Won, National Film Award for Best Screenplay 2005 15 Park Avenue Won, National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English 2010 The Japanese Wife Released 9 April 2010[6] 2011 Iti Mrinalini Released 29 July 2011 2013 Goynar Baksho Unreleased




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