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C. Krishnaveni (b. 1924)

Telugu/Tamil? actress and producer born in Rajahmundhry, AP. Child actress in stage plays. Débuted in the title role of C. Pullaiah’s children’s film, Ansuya. Acted in Telugu and Tamil films, but it was again Pullaiah who cast her in Gollabhama. Actorial reputation based mainly on roles in Lakshmamma, Mana Desam and Perantalu. Married the Rajah of Mirzapur (1941), founder of the Jaya Films Studio (1940) in Teynampet, Madras. This later became the famous Shobhanachala Studio, launched with L.V. Prasad’s political melodrama Mana Desam. Turned producer with MRA Prod. Only Tamil film is Kamavalli. Introduced composers Ghantasala Venkateshwara Rao (Mana Desam) and Ramesh Naidu (Dampatyam, 1957). Sang classic songs in Gollabhama (Bhoopati jampitiyin, Ravoyi jeevanajyoti) and a hit duet with M.S. Rama Rao in Mana Desam (Emito ee anubandham). Sang playback in Keelugurram, 1949, directed by her husband. Produced several films, e.g. Lakshmamma, Perantalu, Dampatyam and Yamanukku Yaman (1980). Returned to the stage in the late 50s.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1936: Ansuya; Dhruva; 1937: Mohini Rugmangada; 1938: Kacha Devayani; 1939: Mahananda; 1940: Jeevana Jyoti; 1941: Dakshayagnam; 1944: Bhishma; 1947: Gollabhama; 1948: Madalasa; Kamavalli; 1949: Dharmangada; Mana Desam; 1950: Lakshmamma; 1951: Perantalu; 1952: Savasam.



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