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Hindi-Urdu director and scenarist born in Peshawar (now Pakistan). Entered film in 1933 at East India Film, Calcutta: then joined Sagar (1934) where he met Mehboob, who later produced his Awaaz. Played the lead in Mehboob's Manmohan as well as writing the script and the lyrics. Also scripted Mehboob's Bahen (1941) and was also a noted scenarist and writer at Ranjit. Sarhadi's cinema drew inspiration from and gave sustenance to the IPTA style of film-making. Although himself an unaffiliated Marxist, Humlog, Footpath and Awaaz were very influential when the IPTA's film efforts were at their peak between the end of WW2 and Independence. Migated to Pakistan after Independence, remaining there except for a brief period in the mid-70s. Apart from his own films, other writing credits inlclude Jagirdar, Kal Ki Baal (both 1937), jeevanSaathi 0939), Sajani(1940), Garib (1942),Badi Maa (1945),Elaan (1947), Anokha Pyar(1948), Dil Ki Duniya (1949) and Khel (1950); also wrote the dialogue for Baiju Bawra (1952).

FILMOGRAPHY(* act only): 1936: Manmohan*: 1937:jagirdar*; 1938: Abhilasba; Afsana; 1939: Bhole Bhale. Seva Samaj*; 1942: Swapna; 1943: Nadaan; 1945: Yateem; 1951:Humlog; 1953: Footpath; 1956:Awaaz.