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     4aka What the Sea Said 
     51995 135’ col Bengali 
     6d/s Aparna Sen pc NFDC c A. Shashikant, 
     7Dilip Verma m Jyotishka Dasgupta 
     8lp Anjan Dutta, Rupa Ganguly, Pallavi 
     9Chatterjee, Kunal Mitra 
     10Mapping political and environmental concerns 
     11upon a domestic melodrama, Sen’s most recent 
     12film occasionally borders on the surreal. An 
     13estranged couple, advertising executive 
     14Deepak (Dutta) and classical dancer Anusuya 
     15(Ganguly), return to a fishing village where 
     16they had spent their honeymoon. Their past life 
     17is told through a series of flashbacks, while the 
     18sea, polluted by rampant consumerism, 
     19appears to symbolise their present condition. A 
     20flashback reveals that Anusuya had fought a 
     21major industrial house on behalf of 
     22environmental activists, but later capitulated 
     23when that institution funded her dance school. 
     24‘Global’ issues such as the gulf war and the rise 
     25of market capitalism are presented as 
     26impacting local and even personal problems. 
     27This relationship is graphically realised in the 
     28film’s end when a blazing sea, into which 
     29Deepak disappears, is connected to the gulf 
     30war oil slick. The apocalyptic end had been 
     31foretold by an old fisherman earlier in the 
     32story. Among those who publicly praised the 
     33film included major Bengali poet Shankho 
     34Ghosh, who commended its poetic sensibility, 
     35and novelist Debesh Roy who noted its 
     36independence from storytelling and Satyajit 
     37Ray-school filmmaking.