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Yarukaka Azhudan

1966 111’ b&w Tamil d/sc Jayakantan p Asai Jyothi Films c Nemai Ghosh lyr Kannadasan m S.V. Ramanan lp Nagesh, K.R. Vijaya, T.S. Balaiah, S.V. Sahasranamam, Prabhakar, Wahab Kashmiri, Kokila

A melodrama with thriller overtones set entirely in a small lodge in Madras. A drunken Seth (Kashmiri) who comes to stay gives his cash to the owner (Balaiah) in safekeeping. The next morning the customer, having forgotten to whom he gave the money, accuses the retarded servant boy Joseph (Nagesh). The owner takes advantage of the situation and keeps the money. A woman lodger (Vijaya), deserted by her lover, tries to help, but only the return of the vacationing head cook Naidu (Sahasranamam) finds out the truth and clears Joseph’s name.