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1980 111’ b&w Malayalam d/c Sivan p B. Chandramani Bai pc Saritha Films st N. Mohan sc K.S. Namboodiri m M.G. Radhakrishnan lp Babu Nanthancode, Premji, Jalaja, Kalpana, Sreelatha

The sentimental melodrama, allegedly critiquing the extreme-left CPI(ML), has the middle-class namboodiri hero Unni join a political group committed to violent struggle. He abandons his studies, slavishly obeys the group’s leaders and kills a fellow activist as well as a religiously inclined local landlord. Moving to Madurai, he falls in love with Kannamma, the daughter of a factory worker. In the end, following Party instructions, he blows up a train but discovers too late that one of the victims is Kannamma’s father.