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Vijay Anand (b. 1935)

Accomplished Hindi actor, director and producer; younger brother of Dev and Chetan Anand, nicknamed Goldie. Born in Gurdaspur, Punjab. Arts degree from the University of Bombay. Scripted Taxi Driver (1954) and made some of Navketan’s best films with Dev Anand, shaping Dev’s screen personality. Made Guide, the first Indo-American co-production (US version directed by Tad Danielewski). Made remarkable musical sequences using location-derived sets (e.g. the song inside the Qutub Minar in Tere Ghar Ke Saamne) to achieve complex interactions between music, lyrics and story, at times evoking Western novelettes (Pearl Buck, A.J. Cronin) or Hollywood (Capra). Neo-realist overtones, inherited from brother Chetan, are used mainly as ballast to release the fantasy, a technique best exemplified by Guide and in the opening song of Kala Bazaar. Wrote some of the films he directed and edited (Kala Bazaar, Chhupa Rustom, also co-lyricist for the latter) and returned to starring roles in e.g. Chor Chor, Hum Rahe Na Hum, Double Cross; also scenarist for Hum Dono (1961) and producer of Jaan Hazir Hai (1975). Played Sam the Detective in the TV series Tahqiqat, initially directed by nephew Shekhar Kapur.

FILMOGRAPHY ( also d/* only d): 1955: Joru Ka Bhai; 1957: Agra Road; Nau Do Gyarah*; 1960: Kala Bazaar; 1963: Tere Ghar Ke Saamne*; 1964: Haqeeqat; 1965: Guide*; 1966: Teesri Manzil*; 1967: Jewel Thief*; 1968: Kahin Aur Chal*; 1970: Johnny Mera Naam*; 1971: Tere Mere Sapne; 1972: Double Cross; 1973: Hindustan Ki Kasam; Chhupa Rustom; Blackmail; 1974: Kora Kagaz; Chor Chor; 1976: Bullet*; 1978: Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki; 1980: Ram Balram*; 1981: Ghunghroo Ki Awaaz; 1982: Rajput*; 1984: Hum Rahe Na Hum; 1988: Main Tere Liye*; 1994: Tahqiqat (TV).

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