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1954 170’ b&w Tamil d K. Ramnoth pc New Era Prod. dial/co-lyr Velavan co-lyr Kothamangalam Subbu, Arumagam m Lakshman Raghunath lp Chittor V. Nagaiah, Manohar, Peer Mohammed, Ganapati Bhatt, Krishnakumari, Vimala

Nagaiah’s last major film repeats his role in Ezhai Padum Padu (1950) for the same director. He plays a crooked lawyer, Periaswamy, who tries to get his brother Chellaiah (Manohar) off a murder charge by framing the poor Murugan (Mohammed), the driver of a horse carriage. Chellaiah, overcome with guilt, donates money he wins in a lottery to Murugan and confesses to his crime in a letter before committing suicide. Periaswamy tries to suppress the letter but he ends up in jail. In this melodrama Nagaiah tried to redefine his screen image but his career went into a long decline. The film included musical hits such as Nagaiah’s Iraivane.