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Vemmuri Gaggaiah (1895-1955)

Noted Telugu stage and film actor of the 40s. Legendary stage star with an imposing presence and loud voice, which suited demonic roles in mythologicals, e.g. Yama and Kans. Film début with East India Film’s production of Savithri playing Yama, god of death. Known mainly as one of the first actors to define a performative idiom tailored to the mythological.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1933: Savithri; 1935: Shri Krishna Leelalu; 1936: Draupadi Vastrapaharanam; Sati Tulasi; 1937: Mohini Rugmangada; 1938: Markandeya; 1940: Chandika; Mahiravana; 1941: Dakshayagnam; 1942: Bhakta Prahlada; 1943: Garuda Garvabhangam; 1948: Bhakta Siriyala.