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  • Veerappan

    v1 v1  
     41991 151’ col Kannada 
     5d/s Raveendranath pc Jain Movies p Chandulal 
     6Jain lyr Doddarange Gowda c Mallikarjuna 
     7m Guna Singh 
     8lp Devaraj, Lokesh, Vanita Vasu, Sivakumar, 
     9Manu, Girish, Rajaram, Avinash, Thoogudeepa 
     10Srinivas, Sundarakrishna Urs, Mukhyamantri 
     11Chandru, Mysore Lokesh, Triveni, 
     12Chandrakumari, Leela Basavaraj, Ratnamma, 
     13Sumalatha, Radha, Vijay, Seema, Ravivarma, 
     14B.M. Venkatesh 
     17Topical film referring, in part, to notorious reallife 
     18sandalwood smuggler Veerappan, 
     19operating on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border, 
     20who hit the news following a series of violent 
     21encounters with the police in the early 90s. 
     22Like crime journalism dramatising the 
     23confrontations between the good and bad 
     24while retaining a veneer of support for the 
     25legal system, the film is formally dedicated to 
     26the police who lost their lives in their efforts to 
     27capture Veerappan. However, it begins with a 
     28scene in which Veerappan (Devaraj) discusses 
     29and gives his approval to the production. A 
     30priest then explains Veerappan’s life as being a 
     31consequence of his impoverished childhood. 
     32This leads to the next character, Nayakan 
     33(Lokesh), formerly Veerappan’s employer, but 
     34now his enemy, who points to the latter’s 
     35Robin Hood-type inclinations. Veerappan’s 
     36revenge for the rape of his sister and his 
     37encounters with the police then follow. The 
     38film ends with a pair of brave police officers 
     39setting out to get him, but he eludes them.