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Veer Kunal

1925 St 7235 ft b&w dis Manilal]oshi pc Kohinoor Filin cD.D. Dabke 1pRaja Sandow. Yakbal, !\!iss Moti, K.B. Athavale. Bachubabu This legend drawn from the Asokavadana stories is set at the time of the Maurya empire (3rll C B C.) Kunal (Sandow), son of Emperor Ashoka (Athavale) and Queen Padmavati, has beautiful eyes but a prediction says he will go blind. The villainous Tishyaraksha (Yakbal) gains Ashoka's confidence and plots to have Kuru! blinded and killed. The official executioners pare Kunal and he becomes a wandering singer accompanied by his favourite wife Kanchanmala (Moti). In Pataliputra, Ashoka he~rs Kunal's song, realises that Kunal's misfortune nuv have been a punishment for some past sin of the emperor himself and condemns Tishyaraksha to death, restoring Kunal to the court. The film acquired an avant-garde reputation for breaking with convention using close shots and with Dabke's camera deploying a sophisticated range of grey tones. It can be seen as a distant ancestor to the psycho-historicals of Mehboob: one concrete connecting link was R.S. Choudhury, apprenticeu to Joshi for this film.