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Veer Abhimanyu

aka Viral Swaroop 1922 St c.6500 ft b&w dManilalJoshipcStar Films sMohanlal G. Dave c V.B. Joshi lp Sultana, Fatma Begum, Madanrai Vakil, Joshi

Big-budget mythological by first-time producers Ardeshir Irani and Bhogilal Dave, director Joshi and silent star Sultana (sister of Zubeida). Adverrs in the Bombay Chronicle emphasised the 'expense of more than 100,000 rupees. More than 5000 people have taken part in the production of this film'. The plot is from the Mahabharata tale about Abhimanyu who learns of the Chakravyuh formation of the Kauravas while in the womb of his mother, Subhadra (Fatma). The film was acclaimed for its war scenes. Sultana plays Uttara and Vakil is Krishna.