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Varsa Laxmicha

1994 152’ col Marathi d/sc Madhukar Pathak pc Ravindra Pics p Ravindra Vinayak Joshi lyr Kusumagraj (aka V.V. Shirwadkar), Shanta Shelke c Bal Bapat m Shridhar Phadke lp Ravindra Mankani, Sukanya Kulkarni,

Narendra Pathak, Suhasini Deshpande Ambitious and elaborately plotted Marathi film set, following an all-India 90s trend, in the years just preceding Independence, mapping the story of a family onto the freedom struggle. Laxmi (Kulkarni) is married when still an adolescent to the previously married Zamindar Vasudeo Inamdar (Mankani). She first tames her errant and macho husband and then becomes a figurehead in the nationalist Congress-led struggle. Individual animosities, mainly with neighbour and village enemy Pandu Tavade, are eventually overcome by her elevation to iconic status.