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1989 144’ col Malayalam d Sathyan Andhikkad pc K.R.G. Movies p K. Rajagopal s Srinivasan lyr Kaithapram c Vipin Mohan m Johnson lp Mohanlal, Revathi, Janardhanan, Oduvil Unnikrishnan, Innocent, Mamu Koya, Murali

Having worked hard in the Gulf for eight years, Muralee (Mohanlal) returns to his native Kerala with his savings, intent on starting his own business. However, his two brothers, who had lived off his earnings, try to get him to invest in their enterprises. Nevertheless, Muralee starts a bus service of his own, and the story recounts the tragic fate of his Gulf Motors Company, wrecked by an irresponsible family, unions and petty bureaucracy. Muralee’s only consolation is his girlfriend (Revathi) as he is eventually forced to return to the Gulf. The film exemplifies Srinivasan and Andhikkad’s view that Kerala is ruined by selfishness and corruption (cf. Sandesham, 1991)