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Vishnupant Govind Damle (1892-1945)

Marathi director and producer born in Pen, Raigad Dist., Maharashtra. Like his long-term collaborator, Fattelal, was apprenticed to Anandrao, the artist-technician cousin of Baburao Painter, helping to construct designer and cinematographer, making his own

FILMOGRAPHY: 1968: Samayer Kache (Sh); camera and processing film. Co-founded Maharashtra Films (1918) with Painter and Fattelal. With Shantaram, they broke away and established Prabhat in 1929. Damle took charge of the sound department and is credited with introducing the playback technique. Took over management of Prabhat Films after Shantaram left (1942) but without success. Best known for the classic Sant Tukaram and subsequent Saint films (co-d with Fattelal). Last film, Sant Sakhu, co-d with Raja Nene and Fattelal. FILMOGRAPHY (co-d with S. Fattelal): 1928: Maharathi Karna (St); 1936: Sant Tukaram; 1938: Gopal Krishna; 1940: Sant Dnyaneshwar; 1941: Sant Sakhu.