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aka Salt 1986 115’ col Malayalam d Pavithran pc Eranadan Films s/p K.M.A. Rahim c Madhu Ambat m Saratchandra Marathe lp P.T. Kumhumohammad, Vijayan Kottarathil, C.V. Sriraman, Madhavan, Jayalalitha, Sadiq, Renu Nair, Bharati, Valsala Menon, Mullenezhi

The wealthy Meleri Moosa (Kottarathil) ruins himself with obsessive litigation. With his daughter Amina (Jayalalitha) and her husband Abu (Kunhumohammad), Meleri crosses the Bharathapuzha river to settle in a new area. There, the wealthy Moidutty Mudalali (Madhavan), with the benediction of the local kazi (religious leader, played by Sriraman), sends his own wife away, lays claim to Amina and marries her, ignoring Abu’s protests. Twenty years later, Amina lives alone in a tomb-like mansion while her father happily indulges in civil litigation cases. In addition,her son leads a dissolute life and her daughter elopes with the chauffeur. Scenarist Rahim claimed the film to be a critique of the controversial Muslim personal law in India.