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Udhiri Pookal

aka Scattered Flowers 1979 143’ col Tamil d/sc/dial J. Mahendran p Radha Balakrishnan st Pudumaipithan based on his short story Sittranai c Ashok Kumar lyr Kannadasan, Muthulingam, Vallavan, Gangai Amaran m Ilaiyaraja lp Vijayan, Ashwini, Sundar, Baby Anju, Samikannu, Charuhasan, Sarath Babu

Melodrama based on the writing of noted author Pudumaipithan, about the feared autocratic Sundaravadivelu (Vijayan) and his gentle wife Lakshmi (Ashwini), beloved by the villagers. The trigger for the drama is the arrival of the schoolteacher (Sundar) who is in love with the headman’s sister-in-law Shenbagam, and health officer Prakash (Sarath Babu), who used to be engaged to Lakshmi. When Lakshmi dies, Sundaravadivelu gets himself a second wife but also lusts after Shenbagam, whom he disrobes, in front of his second wife’s eyes, on her wedding day. The outraged villagers march Sundaravadivelu to the river and invite him to drown himself. He repents, having turned the entire village of peaceable folk into a vengeful mob.