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     1'''Tunnu Ki Tina''' 
     41994 161’ col Hindi 
     5d/s Paresh Kamdar pc NFDC lyr Bharat 
     6Acharya, Ramesh Shah c K.K. Mahajan m Rajat 
     8lp Sunil Barve, Rajeshwari, Virendra Saxena, 
     9Renuka Shahane, Rohini Hattangadi 
     12Kamdar’s debut film avoids the pitfalls of the 
     13New Indian Cinema’s tendency to rescue 
     14‘commercial’ films by relying on quotations and 
     15an allegedly Brechtian self-reflexiveness (cf. 
     16Saeed Mirza, Ketan Mehta). The film tells the 
     17tale of a middle-class college youth, Tunnu 
     18(Barve), and his unfortunate love life. He first 
     19falls for an equally middle-class girl (Shahane), 
     20but abandons her when the sexy Tina 
     21(Rajeshwari) reassures his narcissism. His 
     22adventures are intercut with those of his conman 
     23father (Saxena), a real-estate tout. In the 
     24end, the father comes to financial grief, 
     25Tunnu’s sister elopes with a Shiv Sena-type 
     26slumdweller and Tunnu’s girlfriend deserts 
     27him, leaving him wondering whether she ever 
     28existed. Tunnu joins the real-estate business, 
     29his optimism undiminished. The film starts with 
     30a brief narration of this tale in the ‘Hindi movie’ 
     31idiom, set in a hotel lobby and followed by a 
     32chase, before beginning its own story. Its main 
     33achievement, via numerous double-takes, 
     34resides in the way it reduces the entire business 
     35of storytelling to its stereotypical function, 
     36forcing viewers constantly to doubt the 
     37narrative’s truth value even as it wallows in 
     38several realist conventions.