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Tripuraneni Gopichand, (1910-62)

Telugu director born in Telangana, AP. Wrote c.300 Telugu short stories, two major novels (Parivartana, 1942; Asamarthuni Jiva Yatra, 1945) and essays on political theory, e.g. Marxism Ante Emiti? (1954). Was briefly the Secretary of the Andhra Radical Democratic Party (1954). Arguments for ideology of rational reformism were presented in his literary column ‘ Ubhaya Kushalopari’ for Ramabrahmam?’s journal Prajamitra. Wrote scripts for L.V. Prasad, P. Pullaiah and Adurthi Subba Rao. First film as director, Lakshmamma, made in direct competition to a Balaramaiah? film on a Telugu folk ballad. Made only two more films, both based on his own literary fiction.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1950: Lakshmamma; 1951: Perantalu; 1952: Priyuralu.