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1968 145’ b&w Malayalam d/p Kunchako pc Excel Prod. st Kanam E.J. sc S.L. Puram Sadanandan lyr Vyalar Rama Varma c Dattu m Sudarshanam lp Prem Nazir, Govindankutty, Kottarakkara Sridharan Nair, Adoor Bhasi, S.P. Pillai, Bahadur, Manavalan Joseph, Kaduvakkulam, Sheela, Pankajavalli, Adoor Pankajam, Kanchana, Devaki

The vagabond and petty thief Kuttappan (Nazir) goes to the city to discover and settle scores with his unknown father. The father had abandoned his pregnant wife and moved in with another woman. Kuttappan finds the father, and also a look-alike stepbrother, the policeman Venu (Nazir again). His way of taking revenge is to impersonate the cop and commit crimes. He also kidnaps Venu’s fiancee. Major Nazir double role, and typical 60s Kanam script for the Excel Studio.