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aka Waves 1953 172’ b&w Malayalam co-d/p P.R.S. Pillai co-d/m Vimal Kumar pc Kalasagar Films s T.N. Gopinathan Nair lyr P. Bhaskaran c V. Ramamurthy lp Kumari Thangam, Miss Chandni, Kumari Kalyani, M.L. Rajam, P.D. Janaki, Kumari Prabha, T.N. Gopinathan Nair, P. Bhaskaran, Baby Vatsala, Sathyan, Thomas Birly, T.S. Muthaiah, Sasikumar, Govinda Pillai, Adoor Bhasi

Melodrama about separated lovers: Laxmi, the village landlord’s daughter, and Venu, the son of the ferryman. Laxmi is married off to a city wastrel and Venu, who followed her to the city and became a waiter at the hotel where Laxmi stays, witnesses her marriage breaking up. The penniless Laxmi also loses her daughter. Laxmi and Venu each having returned to their village, they meet again in a storm as Venu comes to her rescue with his boat to take her to the opposite shore. However, the boat capsizes and, as the storm subsides, the film shows Venu’s corpse being washed up on the shore. The Merryland Studio production is choreographed by Chandrasekhar to art direction by M.V. Kochhappu.