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Thirakkil Alpa Samayam

1984 134’ col Malayalam d P.G. Vishwambaran pc Vijaya and Vijaya st Kanam E.J. sc Pappanamcode dial Sharief lyr Chunakkara c C.E. Babu m Shyam lp Madhu, Thilakan, Mammootty, Shankar, T.G. Ravi, Seema, Menaka, Shubha, Meena

Communal melodrama about a conflict of generation and class that also involves three religions. The Hindu Shankaran Nair falls out with his friend, the Muslim Khadir Haji, when the latter arranges a marriage between Nair’s daughter Sarala and her poor Christian lover Anthony (Mammootty). The ensuing battle, which splits the village, escalates when Haji pulls his daughter out of school and virtually forces her into an arranged marriage; the daughter eventually marries a man of her choice with the help of Sarala and Anthony. Playing a major role as a social force is Anthony’s working-class trade union of rickshaw-drivers, which helps re-establish amity.