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Thene Manasulu

1965 174’ col Telugu d/sc Adurthi Subba Rao pc Babu Movies p C. Sundaram co-st Mullapudi Venkatramana, K.R.K. Mohan co-st/co-dial K. Vishwanath, co-dial/co-lyr Acharya Athreya co-lyr Dasarathi c P.S. Selvaraj m K.V. Mahadevan lp Rammohan, Krishna, Chalapathi Rao, Sandhyarani, Sukanya, K.V. Ramamurthy, G.S.R. Murthy, Koneshwara Rao

Subba Rao’s ‘experimental’ film announces his co-productions with Nageshwara Rao (Sudigundalu, 1967; Maro Prapancham, 1970). Narasaraju (Murthy) steals money from his friend Srinivasarao (K. Rao) to pay for his daughter’s wedding, leaving Srinivasarao unable to finance his own daughter Bhanumathi’s (Sukanya) marriage and compelling him to abandon his family and run away. To earn a living, Bhanumathi goes to the city where she meets Basavaraju (Krishna), the man she was to have married, and the two fall in love. Of the several new actors making their debuts, only Krishna became a major star.