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The Loves of a Mughal Prince

aka Anarka/i, Rajmahal Ni Ramani 1928 St 9525 ft b&w co-d Prafulb Roy, Charu Roy pc Great Eastern Film Corp. stimtiaz Ali Taj's play Anarka/i sc Hakim Ahmed Shuja c V.B. Joshi 1pCharu Roy, Seeta Devi, illaya Devi, Rajkumari, Sawan Singh, Imtiaz Ali Taj, Dewan Sharar, Shakuntala Tembe

Punjabi capital's first major bid for the national market used the seminal Urdu historical play of 1922, with the author himself playing the 16th- C. Mughal emperor Akbar. It recounts the love story between Prince Salim (Singh), Akbar's son, and the slave girl Anarkali (Seeta). Following on from the Osten-Rai Orientalist dramas, and produced by the Indian partners responsible for Prem Sanyas 0925), it also features Seeta Devi as the heroine and is the directorial debut of Prem Sanyas' art director and the lead actor of Sbiraz 0928), Charu Roy. The big-budget picture was beaten to the screen that same year by the rival and more successful Imperial version starring Sulochana and directed by R.S. Choudhury (Anarkali, 1928), who remade it in 1935. Jaswantlal made it again in 1953 but the most famous version remains K. Asifs Mughal-e-Azam (1960)