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1967 159’ b&w Tamil d/sc A.C. Trilogchander pc Sujata Cine Arts p K. Balaji dial Aroor Das lyr Kannadasan c T. Muthuswamy m M.S. Vishwanathan lp Sivaji Ganesan, K. Balaji, K.R. Vijaya, Nagesh, Kanchana, Sundarrajan, Baby Kausalya, Ramadas, Baby Nalini, Devi Chandrika, Vasundhara, Mysore Sudarshan, T.S. Bala, Harikrishna, Master Sridhar

Madan (Ganesan), sent to jail in his teens for a crime he did not commit, is released and becomes a gambler to support his sister. He falls in love with the rich Leela (Vijaya) who is, however, supposed to marry Sridhar (Balaji), the cop who wants to bust the gambling racket. Fellow gambler Lalitha (Kanchana) also loves Madan. When an argument at the gambling tables leads to a fight, a gang leader shoots at Madan but kills Lalitha instead.