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Thanga Thambi

1967 139’ b&w Tamil d Francis Ramanath pc Unmayal Prod. st/dial M. Karunanidhi lp Sundarrajan, Ravichandran, Vanisree, Bharati, Nagesh, Manorama, O.A.K. Thevar

Karunanidhi’s domestic melodrama about two loving brothers torn apart by their respective wives. Elder brother Varadan (Sundarrajan) marries Sundari (Vanisree). He wants younger brother Venu (Ravichandran) to marry a rich woman, but Sundari wants a poor and obedient sister-in-law. Although Sundari initially refuses pregnancy for fear of ruining her looks, she eventually bears a child at the same time as the meek sister-in-law Parvathi (Bharati). Parvathi raises both children, causing an estrangement between the brothers.