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Tere Mere Sapne

1971 175’ col Hindi d/sc/p Vijay Anand pc Navketan, Vijay Anand Prod. st Kaushal Bharti’s story based on A.J. Cronin’s The Citadel lyr Neeraj c V. Ratra m S.D Burman lp Dev Anand, Mumtaz, Mahesh Kaul, Vijay Anand, Agha, Hema Malini, Tabassum, Premnath

Dev Anand is the young, idealistic doctor who moves to the village with his wife, a rural schoolteacher (Mumtaz). When his pregnant wife meets with an accident caused by a rich car driver who then bribes the authorities, the hero loses faith in his idealism and returns to the city. There he becomes rich and falls in love with the film star Malatimala (Hema Malini). He is reconciled with his wife when their long-awaited son is born. Shot mainly in studios (except for the picturisation of the hit song Maine kasam li), the film resembles a TV drama. Notable mainly for Burman’s music.