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Teen Bhubhaner Parey

1969 151’ b&w Bengali d/sc Ajitesh Bannerjee pc Satirtha Prod. st Samaresh Bose co-lyr Pulak Bannerjee co-lyr/m Sudhin Dasgupta c Ramanand Sengupta lp Soumitra Chatterjee, Tanuja, Kamal Mitra, Tarun Kumar, Sulata Choudhury, Subrata Chatterjee, Padmadevi, Aparna Devi, Robi Ghosh, Sumita Sanyal

Factory clerk Subir, aka Montu (Soumitra Chatterjee) falls in love with schoolteacher Sarasi (Tanuja), transgressing the class barrier between them. She marries him, partly intending to ‘improve’ him through education. Her disapproval of his working-class friends causes problems for the marriage, but the real crisis occurs when the tables are turned. Once educated, Subir becomes a bespectacled and grey-haired professor, and also an opportunist who plans to take up a lucrative post in a new city. Eventually his arguments for conformism, merging with the greyness of his urban environment, become increasingly unreal (underlined by make-up and acting style). Soumitra Chatterjee’s classic performance is supported by Sengupta’s intricate camerawork as Subir moves through different spaces on his socially upward journey. Samaresh Bose’s scathingly critical novel is softened into a typically reformist presentation of education as the solution to all social ills.