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Taj Mahal

1995 156’ col Telugu d/s Muppalaneni Siva pc Shri Suresh Prod. p D. Rama Naidu dial Jandhyala lyr C. Narayana Reddy, Chandra Bose, Bhuvana Chandra, Seetharama Sastry c Chota K. Naidu m Srilekha lp Srikanth, Sanghvi, Monica Bedi, Nutan Prasad, D. Rama Naidu

Successful low-budget love story focussing on the problem of a woman’s religion. The Hindu hero (Srikanth) falls for a Muslim woman (Bedi) while on a college excursion to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Attempting to woo her, he gets beaten up instead by her Muslim stepbrother. Her stepfather (Prasad), a migrant from Andhra Pradesh, reveals to her that she is not in fact his daughter, but of Hindu parentage. In her subsequent effort to trace her family, it is revealed that the hero is in fact distantly related to her, and the two marry after a complicated melodramatic plot.