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  • Swayamkrushi

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     41987 164’ col Telugu 
     5d/s K. Vishwanath pc Poornodaya Movie 
     6Creations p Edida Nageshwara Rao 
     7lyr C. Narayana Reddy, Seethatama Sastry 
     8c H. Loksingh m Ramesh Naidu 
     9lp Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti, Sumalatha, 
     10Bannerjee, Charan Raj, P.L. Narayana, Master 
     11Arjun, Master Suresh 
     14Elaborate melodrama with Chiranjeevi as the 
     15illiterate cobbler who raises his dead sister’s 
     16son Chinna (Arjun/Suresh) while also financing 
     17the education of the orphaned Sharada 
     18(Sumalatha). When Sharada marries, 
     19Sambaiah’s lover Ganga (Vijayashanti) is 
     20sterilised so that nothing will interfere with 
     21Chinna’s growth. Ganga assists Sambaiah in 
     22becoming enormously wealthy, but this causes 
     23several problems: Chinna’s biological father 
     24Govind (Raj) teams up with Sharada’s no-good 
     25husband Bhaskar (Bannerjee) to make a series 
     26of demands on Sambaiah and to claim Chinna’s 
     27guardianship. Eventually, Chinna rebels against 
     28his father and both he and Sambaiah return to 
     29the latter’s modest original profession of 
     30cobbler. The film was a critical success, notably 
     31for recasting action star Chiranjeevi in an 
     32unusual role, which also constituted his 
     33influential effort to transform his screen image 
     34by entering what is known in Telugu cinema as 
     35the ‘class film’. Less than two years after the 
     36formation of the Dalit Mahasabha in A.P. 
     37(1985), the film posits a conservative resolution 
     38to an important political movement in its 
     39evacuation of all caste conflict in favour of a 
     40fictional conflict between ‘good’ and ‘bad’