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     4aka My Own; Destiny 
     51994 153’(141’) col/b&w Malayalam 
     6d/co-sc Shaji N. Karun pc Filmfolk 
     7p/st/co-sc S. Jayachandran Nair co-sc Raghunath 
     8Paleri c Hari Nair m Raghavan K., Isaac Thomas 
     10lp Venmani Vishnu, Haridas, Aswani, 
     11Mullenezhi, Sarath, Gopi, Praseetha, 
     12Rudraprathapan, Gopalakrishnan 
     15Stunningly photographed melodrama of a 
     16family in Thenmala on the border of Kerala and 
     17Tamil Nadu. When the Brahmin Ramayyar 
     18(Haridas) dies, his wife (Aswani) has to raise 
     19their two children and look after the coffee 
     20shop that constitutes their only income. The 
     21shop is located near a countryside railway 
     22station whose manager offers them support. 
     23They are evicted by their landlord (Gopi) and 
     24the mother raises money to pay a bribe to get 
     25her son enlisted in the army. The son dies in a 
     26demonstration protesting against state 
     27corruption. A quotation from Kalidasa’s 
     28Shakuntalam announces the film’s intention to 
     29offer a new way of narrating a familiar 
     30Malayalam film plot, which would include all 
     31the detail that is usually discarded from such 
     32stories. The images change from colour to b&w 
     33as the story moves between the past and 
     34present, arriving at a tragic structure that 
     35furthers the director’s favoured idiom (cf. 
     36Piravi, 1988) of characters struggling to come 
     37to terms with the emptiness left by death.