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Suvarna Kamal

aka Kalika Muni aka Golden Lotus 1926 St 10176 ft b&w dis K.P. Bhave pc Sharda Filin c Naval P. Bhatt lp Master Vithal, Mary, Shiraz Ali, Janibabu, Heer~. Miss Rosy

Typical Vithal-Sharda stunt film featuring a masked adventurer in quest of a golden lotus, which involves placating the terrible godt.less Mahakali. The film teemed with Bhatt· special effects (e.g. giant genies) and showed the int1uence of Douglas Fairbanks's work as well as of folk-fantasies (Gul-e- Bakavali, 192-1; Indrasabba, 1932) while continuing in the vein of the studio's earlier successes, Ratan Manjari and Madan Kala, both 1926.