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     1'''Sushil Majumdar (1906-88)''' 
     4Bengali and Hindi director born in Komilla, 
     5Tripura (now Bangladesh). Educated at 
     6Shantiniketan (1911-21) and at Kashi 
     7Vidyapeeth, Benares, and studied engineering 
     8at Jadavpur. Participated in non-co-operation 
     9agitations (1922). Actor for the amateur 
     10University Institute theatre group, then in the 
     11Calcutta Theatres stage company Manmohan 
     12Theatres (1927). Manager of touring company 
     13in Chittagong. Joined Bengal Movie & Talkie 
     14Film (e.g. Jeevan Prabhat), and then P.C. 
     15Barua’s studio (1930). Directed Barua’s short 
     16comedy Ekada and Debaki Bose’s Aparadhi 
     17and Nishir Dak. Early work strongly influenced 
     18by Calcutta theatres’ stage conventions (e.g. 
     19Tarubala), but also moved into new directions, 
     20e.g. Muktisnan’s depiction of political 
     21corruption. Later work, esp. Tulsi Lahiri’s 
     22scripts, moved closer to IPTA-influenced film 
     23(Dukhir Iman). The only Bengali director from 
     24the 30s to retain his popularity for over 40 
     25years, e.g. with the Ashok Kumar starrer, 
     26Hospital, and one of Uttam Kumar’s bestknown 
     27performances in Lal Patthar. His Rikta 
     28was re-edited and reissued in 1960. Turned 
     29producer with Digbhranta. 
     31'''FILMOGRAPHY''' (* also act/** act only): 
     321931: Jeevan Prabhat**; Aparadhi**; 1932: 
     33Nishir Dak**; Ekada* (all St); Bengal 1983**; 
     341936: Tarubala; 1937: Muktisnan; Basanti 
     35Purnima; 1939: Rikta*; 1940: Tatinir Bichar; 
     36Abhinav**; 1941: Pratishodh; 1942: Avayer 
     37Biye; 1943: Jogajog/Hospital; 1944: Char 
     38Aankhen; 1945: Begum; 1947: Abhijog*; 1948: 
     39Soldier’s Dream; Sarbahara; 1950: 
     40Digbhranta*; 1952: Ratrir Tapasya; 1954: 
     41Moner Mayur; Dukhir Iman*; Bhangagara; 
     421955: Aparadhi; 1956: Shubharatri; Daner 
     43Maryada; 1957: Shesh Parichaya; 1958: 
     44Marmabani; 1959: Pushpadhanu; 
     45Agnisambhaba; 1960: Hospital*; 1961: 
     46Kathin Maya; 1962: Sancharini; 1964: 
     47Kaalsrote; Lal Patthar*; 1966: Dolgobinder 
     48Karcha**; 1969: Shuk Sari; 1971: Lal 
     49Patthar*; 1979: Samadhan**; 1980: Dui 
     50Prithibi**; 1982: Uttar Meleni**.