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Supattar Binani

1981 153’ col Rajasthani d/sc Satyen pc Amrit Kalash Prod. st/dial/lyr/m Mahendra Pujari c Balbir lp Shirish Kumar, Neelu, Kshitij, Vijaya, Atmaram, Manjula, Padma Khanna

After a long commercially fallow period, Satyen’s hit re-established the Rajasthani cinema. The modern Ramakant (Kumar) is forced by his rich orthodox father to marry the illiterate Munga (Neelu). Ramakant’s greedy uncle and aunt urge him to abandon his wife and to marry the modern Kavita who stands to inherit a fortune. Ramakant almost kills his exemplary, long-suffering wife before orthodoxy triumphs. Neelu went on to become Rajasthan’s top star with neo-traditionalist melodramas like Chokho Lage Sasariyo (1983), Nanand Bhojai (1985), Bhikaoo Tordo (1987) and Lichhmi Ayi Angane (1992).