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  • Sultanat

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     41986 153’ col/scope Hindi 
     5d/s Mukul S. Anand pc Kapleshwar Films, 
     6Arjun Hingorani dial Kadar Khan lyr Anjaan, 
     7Hasan Kamal c Pravin Bhatt m Kalyanji- 
     9lp Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Amrish Puri, 
     10Sridevi, Shakti Kapoor, Tom Alter, Karan 
     11Kapoor, Dalip Tahil, Juhi Chawla, Padma 
     15Spectacular Arabian Nights revenge fantasy set 
     16in a vaguely identifiable Middle East and 
     17deploying the exoticism associated with 
     18Spielberg’s adventure films. The shah’s General 
     19Khalid (Dharmendra) thwarts the coup for the 
     20throne attempted by Razaulli (Puri). Razaulli 
     21kidnaps Khalid and his pregnant wife on their 
     22way to the hospital. Khalid’s wife dies in 
     23childbirth and Razaulli proclaims Khalid’s son 
     24as his own, swapping the infant for his stillborn 
     25daughter. Khalid remarries and has another 
     26son, Samir (Karan Kapoor), whom he sends 
     27abroad vowing never to set eyes on him until 
     28Khalid has avenged the death of his first wife. 
     29Razaulli’s secretly adopted son Sultan (Deol) 
     30grows up and falls in love with the shah’s 
     31daughter, Princess Yasmin (Sridevi). In a 
     32complicated denouement, Khalid kills Razaulli 
     33and recalls Samir; Shakkir, an ambitious vassal, 
     34kills the shah and intercepts the returning 
     35Samir and emprisons him. Khalid is taken 
     36prisoner by Sultan and they engage in a bloody 
     37duel till Razaulli’s wife tells them that Khalid is 
     38Sultan’s real father. Khalid, Sultan and Samir 
     39then kill Shakkir. Only then can Khalid die in 
     40peace surrounded by his sons. Anand does not 
     41shrink from spectacular anachronisms which 
     42have become his trademark (cf. his Khuda 
     43Gawah, 1992), as he mixes contemporary 
     44scenes into this commercially unsuccessful 
     45period movie tale.