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     1'''Sukhdev Ahluwalia (b. 1932)''' 
     4Mainstream Punjabi director who started as assistant cinematographer at the Modern Studios. Shot a number of Hindi films directed by Suraj Prakash before turning writer-director of ruralist melodramas (e.g. Taakra tells of a reformed black-marketeer accused of having killed his lover), often dealing with superstition. In Jai Mata Sheran Wali, daughter-in-law Radha overcomes oppression because of her belief in the mother goddess, but in the children’s film Sajre Phool the superstitions of the oppressive landowner’s wife are used to expose a crime. Currently works mainly in video. Also made Kashmeera about a lovable young tribal from Kashmir for the CFS. 
     7'''FILMOGRAPHY:''' 1974: Do Sher; 1975: Dharamjeet; 1976: Taakra; 1977: Do Sholay; 1978: Jai Mata Sheran Wali; 1979: Til Til Da Lekha; Kunwara Mama; 1980: Ambe Maa Jagadambe Maa; 1981: Sajre Phool; 1983: Kashmeera; 1984: Maanwan Thandian Chhanwan; 1985: Takraar; 1987: Maahi Mera Chann Varga; 1990: Sounh Meno Punjab Di. 
     8Akhtar, Javed see Salim-Javed