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Suhaag Raat

1948 143’ b&w Hindi d/sc/lyr Kidar Sharma pc Oriental Pics st F.A. Mirza, V. Sharma c D.C. Mehta, D.K. Ambre, Machwe m Snehal lp Begum Para, Bharat Bhushan, Geeta Bali, Pesi Patel, S. Nazir, Rajinder, Nazira, Shanta Kumar, D. Kumar

Geeta Bali’s debut is a classic love triangle. The child Bali is placed under the guardianship of the evil and greedy stepbrother Rahu: he pushes Bali over a cliff in order to get the entire family inheritance. Bali (Bhushan) survives, protected by an old murderer, Jaggu, whose beautiful daughter Kammo (Geeta Bali) falls in love with him although he prefers Paro (Begum Para), daughter of a zamindar with whom he has found employment. The villainous stepbrother re-enters the scene and lays claim to Paro; the lovely Kammo sacrifices her own life to get the lovers, Bali and Paro, together. All the well-known Sharma trademarks are present, including the use of nature as an emotional equivalent for the characters’ state of mind, e.g. the scene where Kammo rows the boat through the dark night to enable the lovers to elope. The film has several Geeta Dutt numbers, including Rum jhum matwale badal chha gaye and Balo more payal.