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Sonbaini Chundadi

1976 152’ col/scope Gujarati d/sc Girish Manukant pc R.J. Films st Kantilal Jagjivan Mehta’s play lyr/m Avinash Vyas c Rajen Kapadia lp Dilip Patel, Ranjitraj, Sohil Virani, Narayan Rajgor, Premshankar Bhatt, Jay Patel, Ashvin Patel, Girija Mitra, Anjana, Vrinda Trivedi, Parul Parekh, Priti Parekh

Adapted from Mehta’s stage version of a gruesome Gujarati folk legend addressing early capitalism and the fragmentation of the feudal joint family. Four of the little Son’s seven brothers leave home in search of employment, leaving Son’s cruel sister-in-law Bhadra free to inflict her tyranny upon the remaining members of the family. One of her brothers-in- law, Shambhu, is killed but his ghost reappears to try to protect the defenceless Son. Bhadra and her new lover try to kill her but in the process her own son loses his life. Eventually Bhadra too dies and the seven brothers reunite. A musical melodrama with 10 songs, and Gujarati cinema’s first CinemaScope film.