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    1313in Nellikuppam. Enjoyed a fitful education and 
    1414joined theatre groups. Made his reputation as 
    15 actor in C.N. Annadurai’s play Sivaji Kanda 
     15actor in [[C.N. Annadurai]]’s play Sivaji Kanda 
    1616Indhu Rajyam, a historical on the Maratha 
    1717Emperor Shivaji which also gave him his screen 
    1818name. He followed Annadurai when the latter 
    1919started the DMK (1949), and his début, in the 
    20 wordy role of Gunasekharan in Parasakthi, 
     20wordy role of Gunasekharan in [[Parasakthi]], 
    2121made him the official icon of the Party for some 
    22 years (cf. DMK Film). He started distancing 
     22years (cf. [[DMK Film]]). He started distancing 
    2323himself from the DMK in the mid-50s, joining 
    2424E.V.K. Sampath’s Tamil Nationalist Party (1961), 
    2929Ramayanam and Thiruvillaiyadal, in 
    3030nationalist historicals (his most famous film 
    31 Veerapandiya Kattaboman) and in 
    32 biographicals (Kappalotiya Thamizhan, a 
     31[[Veerapandiya Kattaboman]]) and in 
     32biographicals ([[Kappalotiya Thamizhan]], a 
    3333film on V.O. Chidambaram Pillai, a 19th C. antiimperialist 
    3434who defied the British to start the 
    3535Steam Navigation Co.). Was associated in his 
    3636middle period mainly with the films of A. 
    37 Bhimsingh and A.P. Nagarajan. Played the 
     37[[Bhimsingh]] and [[A.P. Nagarajan]]. Played the 
    3838negative role of the womaniser in Thirumbi 
    3939Paar and then some years later, more 
    40 famously, in Rangoon Radha. According to K. Sivathamby (1981), Ganesan and his main rival, MGR (with whom he acted in one film, 
     40famously, in [[Rangoon Radha]]. According to K. Sivathamby (1981), Ganesan and his main rival, [[MGR]] (with whom he acted in one film, 
    4141Kundukkili), dominated the Tamil cinema to 
    4242such an extent that the two automatically