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Sitara Devi

Actress born in Calcutta. One of the foremost exponents of classical Kathak dance, with notable appearances as a dancer in early Mehboob films. Daughter of Sukhdev Maharaj of Benares, former court musician at Nepal, she was trained by her father and by Achan Maharaj at the palace of the Rajah of Mymensingh and later by Kathak maestros Shambhu and Lachhu Maharaj. Entered films as a child actress at Sagar where she first worked with Mehboob, with whom she later did her best-known films. Turned lead player with his Watan. Salaried artist at Ranjit Studio, working with Chandulal Shah (Achhut) and on some famous films by Kardar (Holi, Pagal, Pooja). Her amazingly lively performance as a ‘tribal’ practising primitive communism and Anil Biswas’ music were responsible for the successful use of the parable form in Roti. Married K. Asif and acted in his Phool.

Her major achievement was probably to persuade star Devika Rani to sing. Several of her best-known songs, rendered in film by amateur singers Ashok Kumar and Rani, succeeded because of their nursery rhyme simplicity (e.g. Main ban ka panchi in Achhut Kanya, Chali re meri nao in Jhoola). Worked briefly with Sohrab Modi after leaving Bombay Talkies. Also scored Jaswantlal’s hit musical Amrapali. Collaborated at times with Ramchandra Pal on music.


1935: Jawani Ki Hawa; 1936: Achhut Kanya; Janmabhoomi; Jeevan Naiya; Mamata; Miya Bibi; 1937: Izzat; Jeevan Prabhat; Prem Kahani; Savitri; Nirmala; 1938: Bhabhi; Vachan; 1939: Durga; Kangan; Navjeevan; 1940: Azad; Bandhan; Punar Milan; 1941: Jhoola; Naya Sansar; 1943: Bhakta Raidas; Prarthana; Prithvi Vallabh; 1944: Dr Kumar; Parakh; 1945: Amrapali; 1946: Maharani Meenal Devi; 1947: Khandani; 1948: Naqli Heera; 1949: Usha Haran; 1950: Kunwara Pati; 1961: Babasa Ri Laadi. Devi, Seeta (b. 1912) Stage name of actress Renee Smith. Became a star as the exotic Oriental in Himansu Rai’s Prem Sanyas. Played the ‘other woman’ in Shiraz and the heroine in Prapancha Pash. Thereafter worked with Priyanath Ganguly Shaher Ka Jadoo; Vasantsena; 1935: Azad Abla; Judgement of Allah; Vengeance is Mine; Registan Ki Rani; 1936: Grihadah/Manzil??; Prem Bandhan; Zan Mureed; 1937: Begunah; Calcutta after Midnight; Jeevan Swapna; Kokila; Mahageet; 1938: Baghban; Professor Waman M.Sc.; Watan; 1939: Meri Aankhen; Nadi Kinare; Pati Patni; 1940: Achhut; Aaj Ka Hindustan; Haiwan; Holi; Pooja; Pagal; Zindagi; 1941: Swami; 1942: Dhiraj; Dukh Sukh; Kalyug; Roti; Society; 1943: Aabroo; Andhera; Bhalai; Chhed Chhad; Najma; Salma; 1944: Chand; Dr Kumar; Phool; 1945: Badi Maa; Parinde; 1947: Amar Asha; 1949: Lekh; 1950: Bijli; 1951: Hulchul; 1957: Anjali.